Ethereum DEVnet - one node, automatic address generation, genesis block setup + mining script ~160MB
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Ethereum DEVnet Container

One geth node, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


  • Automatic address generation (generates a new coinbase address)
  • Genesis block setup (low difficulty for quick tx confirmations, high gas block limit)
  • Mining script (starts mining only when new transactions are present)


docker pull makevoid/ethereum-geth-dev 
docker run -p 8545:8545 makevoid/ethereum-geth-dev

It also has:

  • Node JS
  • Web3 as npm module
  • Coffeescript

If you want a password different than foo please edit config/password.txt before running :D, also you'll may want to not automatically unlock the address via the geth --password arg/flag.

Please take a look at the Dockerfile, it's quite simple and has few options (logging of some steps, regenerating the address...)


p.s. there are many repositories called ethereum-geth-dev, this is the latest version, you should check this out first but the others have some cool differences as well, the ethereum-geth-dev-solc one for example, that adds just an apt-get-install solc (coming from the ethereum sources, to add more on that, you can check also that you are actually pulling from the correct sources, that's why usually pulling from git and compiling (choose a stable version number maybe..) is usually the best version ) hf ;)