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What the Hive is this!?

We are in the "responsive" Era! So many devices that we cannot design for specific sizes or smartphone/tablets models. Bees are able to build a hive as a pattern based either on their number and on the stage they are going to do it. A grid layout should be almost the same: help us to adapt content to the viewport the website is shown on. So I wrote some media queries to break-up the layout on four different sizes: smartphone portrait, landscape, tablets portrait, desktop and cinema display. All these breaks can be easly changed on the SCSS file.

So, Hive is a CSS grid system originaly inspired by the more famous 960grid. The naming of wrappers and grids has been changed to use the metaphor of hives and cells. Using just one markup you can have a responsive (mobile-ready) fluid layout (with a preferred % width). This system is written in SCSS but the repo includes a ready to use CSS file.


  • SCSS/SASS grid system
  • no gutter between columns
  • Responsive ready for mobile / tablets / desktop / cinema display design
  • variable fluid template structure (you can changed it on the fly)
  • 12 or 16 columns layout
  • easy to change the breakup media queries


Hive is written in SCSS, so you need a Sass interpreter to export the final CSS file. In any case you can use the CSS file, but you'll lose the possibility to change the parameters to get a variable width on a fluid template. I use the Haml ruby gem as a Sass interpreter. This is the command

$ sass -C -t compact --watch [the/scss/main/directory/path]:[your/website/css/directory]


If you are a 960grid user you'll know the two main classes .container_* and .grid_* In Hive there is the same basic concept with different names:

  • .hive_12 and .hive_16 for containers
  • .cell_[from 1 to 12/16] for grids


    <div class="hive_12">
            <div class="cell_6">
                    text on the left
            <div class="cell_6">
                <h2 class="cell_6">
                    text on the right side
        <div class="cell_12">
                wide content