Libre Projects – a collection of free & open source web services and alternatives to proprietary platforms
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Libre Projects A collection of free web services & alternatives to proprietary apps

If you’re interested in participating, know free projects or want to know more: Join the #unhosted chat room and message jancborchardt or Tatanka

A directory of non-discriminating projects:

  • free to be able to use the tool & material for any purpose
  • gratis for those without money
  • web-based & hosted for those without their own computer
  • open-source downloadable, based on free software
  • portable data needs to be easily backed up in open formats
  • usable for less technically inclined
  • anonymous if viable, no registration necessary

Collecting them makes it easy to find available projects to use and contribute to – both users and developers profit from that. Everyone can help improve these services, not only by coding or translating but also by using and spreading the word. Not every project will be listed here, especially not complicated ones. It’s not about giving many choices, it’s about providing the best solutions.