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TheGrid MKV

status: WIP

note: this is a work in progress

notes (extended): used for login (source repo of the original vendored in this repo: ) ---> command: grid (needs alias to be installed, otherwise ruby grid_mkv.rb)

TheGrid now makes damn cool websites just by passing anything into it (video, picture, text, link, social stream, filtered social stream like by tag etc...)

project target

You can create a website from just content (links + metadata) with a shell command + some clicks in thegrid app

The target of this project


| v

you publish from the app (few clicks, just select the site you want to publish to)


it creates a cordova app with the content from the site + an android apk

This repo

this repo, other than the information of creating websites , gives you a command as an alias (evn if it should package a binary in the future for simplicity / ease of use (no need to setup language or dependencies)

Why create a docker container at all when you can create a binary? (compilation happens on architecture - libraries not linking problem)

my autogenerated websites


The sites get generated automatically with content and layout infos stored in the site SAF files (site-SITENAME.saf)

They get published via thegrid API.


Use the coffeescript auth.coffe programs/script to authenticate to get an auth token


THEGRID_APP_ID=your_uuid THEGRID_APP_SECRET=xxxxx coffee publish/

with my app uuid:

THEGRID_APP_ID=e51b880c-8b87-46e8-83af-feb6dffc6f0b THEGRID_APP_SECRET=$THEGRID_KEY coffee publish/

in my case, because I exported that in an environment variable I have ($THEGRID_KEY), so I can regenerate easily tokens to keep posting on the grid :D

FIY that's the export command I put in my ~/.bashrc

export THEGRID_KEY="xxxxxx"

(the infos reported here can be found in the original coffeescript module)


visit http://localhost:3000, click the blue link, log in and obtain the token (you can hit CTRL-C to shutdown the server and run the export command to export the token)


gem i hashie

Run it

TOKEN=$THEGRID_TOKEN ruby grid_mkv.rb


Of course you can setup your DNS records manually, but I like to do it via API, so I have a dns.rb script to do that.

Install the prereqs.

gem i dnsimple

Run the script

ruby lib/dns.rb

You need to add config/dnsimple_token.txt (general API token, not domain token) and then configure your domain directly into lib/dns.rb


Each site took ~5 minutes to create

I did some editing afterwards, but it was minimal.

When I wrote this readme and the grid script originally, was not as good as it is now.

TODO: package the grid script as a binary


  • awesome, publish the first version of the site via api and see it automatically layout-ed :D
  • needs global cdn, the current one sometimes is slow in europe


status: WIP --- TheGrid shell command to upload to thegrid



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