React Simple Setup based on @SharifsBeat sample code
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Example repo of a redux-like example app using the state on the root component as "store"

All started from a tweet from @sharifsbeat :

I liked the idea a lot! I like simple stuff for simple apps, probably it's not worth going full-redux for small apps. I wanted to keep this setup:

  • keep root component setState() for manipulating a single global state/store, keep update() as "dispatch" function

Then on top of it the following "improvements":

  • pass props to child component normally when it makes sense
  • pass store (root component state) to child object via context
  • pass "dispatch" function to all child objects via context

I don't like the overhead of mapStateToProps for every component. I know context can conflict with third party libraries but it's a risk I want to take for small apps.

OK, this works, it's a bit strange because I used parceljs (which is an interesting alternative to webpack/rollup btw) but also because I'm binding the setState App instance on the App prototype. Other than that I'm pretty happy with the results. I won't use it for big apps but for small apps and prototypes I think it makes sense. If you know any way to improve this please @me on twitter or fork the repo :) .


  • App is the main component (app.js)
  • Home is an example of a child component (home.js)
  • reducer.js contains the reducer function
  • Comp is the component to propagate the context (comp.js)

personal note: I like parcel.js but I fill strange using async/await for importing other files, ok for performance/lazy loading reasons but it feels overcomplicated to me.