Play songs from an S3 Bucket [js, clientside, emberjs] (made in 2012) - see the current version at
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S3Play -


  • integrate digital currencies
  • make this into IPFSPlay

TODO list (near future)

  • localstorage clear
  • loop
  • ui

Deployed version:

usage: create an s3bucket with a special/non guessable name, upload songs in s3 bucket, add cors policy, go to address and you're done!

but you can fork the project and deploy your own!

This version is simplistic and it doesn't have a public blockchain bitcoin integration like! the road is very long to have a v2 version fully worked, but (still on the v2 version) there is this code (s3play version 1, this repo) modularized.

author note: we'll see, as this is a side project and I'm pretty busy right now I can't really finish it even if I use this app everyday and I would like to integrate something like ipfs after s3 + blockchain (save s3play links / hashes of the song into the blockchain) + optional hash of the user reference (needs A/B testing)


  • Right now only webkit based browsers are supported (Chrome/Safari/iPhone/Android) because they can play mp3/flac with HTML5 audio.

How to:

play songs directly from your bucket:

Note: You need to have Read and List permissions set.

Try it in a webkit browser (chrome/safari), especially if you have only mp3s ;)

Amazon S3 Configuration

your s3 bucket files must be public, to do so

go to

then properties, bucket permissions

and add the following pemissions: Everyone -> List, View

then enter in your bucket, select all your files/folders, then click on Actions > Make public

go to and enjoy your music!

This was made specifically for this ember FLOR talk:

also I found it useful to upload all my music (and some friends music) on a/some s3 bucket(s) we only know the name(s) so I'm improving the player, I recently updated ember version


music in the default bucket (s3play) by:


to start the app in the development environment, there are many ways

A) complete, using ruby (1.9+):

complete means the 'guard tools' are run, see Guardfile for more info

install bundler gem and dependencies

gem install bundler

start the server and guard (to automatically concatenate assets):

foreman start

B) use python simple http server:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000

in both cases go to http://localhost:3000 and you should see S3Play on the default bucket!

C) otherwise you can use apache/nginx (or similar) and point it to the root folder


  • support: flash fallback for firefox etc

  • UI need work, especially on mobile version

  • feature: playlist localstorage reload button

  • feature: keybard events (space = pause/play)

  • feature: duplicate tracks removal

  • feature: player link and sync

    • history .push and .replace state continuously to link the current song at the current timestamp + login to sync the players ;) [ember routes?]
  • feature: remote control

  • feature: search

  • appcache?

  • iphone app with offline music cache

  • use svgs?


list routes:


to try:

{{#view 'songs'}}

on click, render delle view, tip by @nebulab


Icon: Tiziano Berti