Example of how to embed an Ethereum Solidity Smart-Contract into an NPM module
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SimpleStorage Ethereum Contract

This is an example on how to embed an Ethereum Solidity Smart-Contract into an NPM module, as the contract file is just a .sol file, it can be saved inside a module.

Then, to use it in your app (DAPP), you just need to install it:

npm i --save simple-storage-contract

(you have to have a package.json file with at least {} written in it)

And then you can use it (examples are in coffeescript).


# compile.coffee

solc = require 'solc'
fs   = require 'fs'
c    = console

code = fs.readFileSync "./node_modules/simple-storage-contract/simple_storage.sol"
code = code.toString()

contracts = solc.compile code
contracts = JSON.stringify contracts
fs.writeFileSync './config/contracts.json', contracts


TODO: example to load the contract and call the set and get methods

# deploy contract

# call public methods on contract address
#   - set
#   - data (property)

You can use this simple module as base for your own npm module.

The idea is that you can share contracts with others by just pushing them to npm and being able to resolve their dependencies and update them via npm install.

You can use cp commands or symlinks to have all the contracts in the same directory so they can be compiled in one go by solc (c++ version) too or use the solc NPM module like in the example above.