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Docker Swarm EC2 cluster Terraform infrastructure on AWS

Main Targets:

  • highly available environment
  • docker swarm based

Docker Swarm is an easy step from Compose and it's a good hosted cluster solution as Kubernetes becomes easier and easier to configure, use, more containerd tooling etc. and you're ready to transition to it.

Docker Swarm is a good middle ground, you know what's happening (as you can ssh into the vm and run docker ps, docker logs, docker inspect, docker attach, docker exec etc).

This repo is a terraform definition which should be a good start as it's focused on high availability, ease of use and allows for vertical scaling with a configuration change and a terraform plan + apply command.

Feedback is welcome, feel free to open an issue.

(note: set up an extra vM for swarm master quorum for the standard swarm production configuration)


Configure terraform to work with your AWS account

Replace with your ssh key name



This will configure the docker swarm aws infrastructure via terraform and plan / apply straight away.

Enjoy your fresh docker swarm cluster :)

Open Source

Feel free to open an issue to see if this worked for you or not, if you think you can contribute, open a pull request with your desired improvement.

Have fun!