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forked from

This is reusing the same UI and plugging another keychain:

xDai is not an ERC20, it is not also on main ethereum, it's on a PoA parity network.

TODO: add links

  • poa network


add an explanation of an ethereum token (ERC20)


An ERC20 (or derivatives) is a token, or FT (Fungible Token). It's a token that works on top of Ethereum

xDai peculiarity is this: by being a sidechain the "token" is represented in xDai ETHs

The peg is centralized (a number of authorities running the chain and other (or the same) authorities having some sort of power in modifying the contracts used for the bridge(s)

Sidechains are currently a not super secure

But, if you use them for a small amount of funds, you can't negate their convenient nature.

You want to hear another nice thing about sidechains? They're cheap! A transaction costs 0.3 of a cent and the nice thing is that the price is stable (and the cap of a PoA/PoS/non-pow network is high!)

TODO: finish notes add speed as the other plus of a

add superplus - this is the first stable coin backed by real value in the blockchain world (crypto)

add minuses as well

  • centralization
  • security
  • stability of the supply

TODO: remove bitcoin LN doc, leave only xdai related stuff

Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet

First iteration for a crypto wallet, coin backend, bitcoin (of course :D), lightning network version (LN is a layer 2 protocol for fast instant transfer).

The current implementation is in JS (no preprocessors, js lib has node and browser targets) + haml

Currently in alpha status, exploring:

It should be easy (now that I have a LN [lnd] node fully synced and working to test the BTC version), but I would like to reuse the UI to do another payment oriented wallet which may come first than the bitcoin LN one.

Coin backends

It would be nice to have one wallet for each of this options, I should complete #1 and #3 thou before starting all 6+ (I haven't listed doge but it's too :much-wow: to not attempt it :D).

  • 1 ) BTC - Lightning (L2) - PAUSED - code is:
  • 2 ) BTC

<--- Development is at this stage (n3)

  • 3 ) ETH - XDAI (L3..) (sort of "lightning", but if the authorities fail, or if dai fails, that's bad, byebye *coins)
  • 4 ) ETH - DAI (L3.)
  • 5 ) BCH (L3)
  • 6 ) ETH (L3)
  • 7 ) Doge (L3)

Wallet Feature Baseline

show mnemonic, no screenshot, use 12 words, verify 40% of the words

no email, no bullshit


LN GRPC full node backend at the moment, even if there are 3 options:

    1. grpc for full node (main option, desirable atm.)
    1. fully hosted using pk under https to auth
    1. hybrid (neutrino? will have to investigate)


xDai ETH backed, this is nice as it's a stablecoin, but of course

also it's a mobile wallet, you shouldn't have a lot of coins in a mobile wallet to begin with (unless it's a secured, always off, no-simcard, wifi-shielded airgapped android phone you put in a safe or something..., a laptop with a minimal linux distro and a wifi hardware switch for a airgapped full node is a better solution usually than current gen mobiles)


Wallet "business model":

  • App to pay people for when other payments don't work (easiest example, to split a bill)
  • This is to drive bitcoin adoption
  • In case of xDai or BCH or other wallets, always offer an in app popup to download the Bitcoin / Bitcoin LN version and point to a crypto to crypto exchange to exchange the lesser secure coins to BTC (the exchange should not force KYC, so no shapeshift unfortunately anymore :/)

User (demo) "flow"

  • User A and B meet in person, they have both an android phone with the app installed
  • User A - Wants to receive a payment from user B (let's say they went to a restaurant where User B paid, and User A wants to "split the bill" with B)
  • User A - Opens the wallet app, goes to the Receive screen, taps the QR code which gets magnified, and optionally specifies an amount and a label (The QR code shows the LN invoice or a normal BTC/*coin address / *URL)
  • User B - Opens his/hers wallet app, scans the receiving QR code of User B and confirms a payment

...some seconds later...

  • User A and B - Check transaction list, the transaction is shown with all the details, user taps [view in explorer] selects a block explorer and sees the transaction

Wish me luck for the build,

hope to get something into some real users hands soon!



xDai Ethereum Wallet






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