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Gitorious Chef recipe for use on Centos6 x86_64

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Install procedures

For installing Gitorious in latest Centos 6 x86_64 stable using Opscode Chef. For a completely automated process, follow these instructions:

This is a modified version of that was originally made for Ubuntu 10.10

wget -O /root/ 
bash /root/

First review the settings under /root/chef-solo/node.json. Change all settings that you would like to customize, notification email, host, etc. Then procede with running chef-solo from the /root/chef-solo directory:



If you have any problems, please fill the issue here.


  • Currently need to setup the SMTP recipe, currently this doesnt configure that part.
  • Need to fix ntpdate.

Extra Stuff

Contents of (just in case that script is unavailable for some odd reason):

yum -y update
mkdir /etc/chef /root/chef-solo
wget -O /etc/chef/solo.rb
echo "gem: --no-rdoc --no-ri" > /etc/gemrc
yum install -y ruby ruby-devel libruby gcc-c++ make ssl-cert git
cd /tmp
tar zxf rubygems-1.4.2.tgz
ruby rubygems-1.4.2/setup.rb --no-format-executable
gem install chef
cd /root/chef-solo
git clone git:// cookbooks
cp /root/chef-solo/cookbooks/node.json /root/chef-solo/
echo -e "\n-------------------------------------------------------- \\n
Please review the settings in /root/chef-solo/node.json.\n
You will have to change these in order to customize the install of this instance."
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