Alien Chase 2013 implementado en libGDX 0.9.8. Este código está obsoleto y no funciona correctamente con las versiones más recientes de libGDX, por lo que sólo debería ser consultado por valor histórico pero no debería ser usado como punto de partida para nuevos proyectos.
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Alien Chase 2013 Edition

ProTip: this README file is written in plain English. Most of the code for this project is still in Spanish. I don't know if I'll translate the code to English, as this is just some sample code that owns to my tutorials, which are also done in Spanish.

What is this?

Alien Chase is a space shooter game developed in LibGDX as part of a YouTube video tutorial series on that library. The goal of the series was to develop a simple game in LibGDX from scratch and the series already finished with the deployment of desktop and Android versions of the game.

This is a remake of Alien Chase 2012, which is a shooter game that I already made last year, also as a YouTube video tutorial series. Last year I made the same game using Slick2D library.

Is it safe to play?

Yes, it's technically safe. I mean, the game works. You can destroy aliens, aliens can destroy you, you get the fancy sounds, the images and so. However, the code was done as I was recording these videos, so I cannot guarantee that is bug-safe.

I may review and fix the code if I have the time. This includes documenting the code, in order to make it easier to understand, reformatting the code, maybe adding some unit cases with JUnit if I have to...

How to get the code/play this

Get the projects. You can archieve this by cloning the repository into your computer using your favourite Git client. If you don't have a Git client on your computer --which is a bad idea, as Git is one of those software pieces that after you try you won't ever forget-- you can get the repository as a zipball or as a tarball by clicking the "Download ZIP" button that you may find somewhere in this page, or by manually downloading a release/tag.

Download as a Zipball | Download as a Tarball

Once you get the code, you may open it with Eclipse IDE. I've already packaged all the required stuff to make the projects work and all the libraries are already linked inside the repository. To import these projects using Eclipse IDE, go to File | Import... | Existing projects into workspace, then go to the folder where you have all the projects, and then import all of them.

You may play the game by opening the appropiate main class depending on whether you want to play on Android or on desktop and by running the game using Run command or Debug command in case you want to debug the code instead.

License and other acknowledgments

Alien Chase 2013 is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. This lets you play, read and learn with my code and at the same time it makes me sleep peacefully by knowing that my code is safe against bad uses from some bad, bad people.

Alien Chase 2013 is powered by LibGDX, a multiplatform Java game development framework developed by Badlogic Games. Kudos to them for this great tool!

As stated in ASSETS-LICENSE file, all the assets excepting alien.gif were designed by me and they are released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

alien.gif sprite is part of Spritelib, by WidgetWorx. The full set of sprites is released under the terms of Common Public License. It's free for any use (e.g. shareware or commercial).