Trigger mouse events when cursor is "almost" over a layer
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This plugin allows to detect mouse click and overing events on lines, with a tolerance distance.

It is useful if paths are drawn with a very small weight, or for clicks detection on mobile devices, for which finger precision can be a problem.

Play with online demo.

It requires Leaflet.GeometryUtil.

Build Status


    var map ='map');
    var lines = L.geoJson(...);

    map.on('almost:over', function (e) {
        alert('Almost clicked !');


Events triggered when mouse is almost over a layer :

  • almost:over (latlng, layer)
  • almost:move (latlng, layer)
  • almost:out (layer)
  • almost:click (latlng, layer)
  • almost:dblclick (latlng, layer)


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