Loads files locally (GeoJSON, KML, GPX) as layers using HTML5 File API
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Loads local files (GeoJSON, JSON, GPX, KML) into the map using the HTML5 FileReader API, without server call !

  • A simple map control
  • The user can browse a file locally
  • It is read locally (FileReader) and converted to GeoJSON
  • And loaded as a layer eventually!

Check out the demo !

For GPX and KML files, it currently depends on Tom MacWright's togeojson.js.

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In order to use this plugin in your app you can either:

  • install it via your favorite package manager:
    • npm i leaflet-filelayer
    • bower install git://github.com:makinacorpus/Leaflet.FileLayer.git
  • download the repository and import the leaflet.filelayer.js file in your app.

Dependencies and compatibilities

In order to use this plugin, you need to have both leaflet and togeojson installed. If you're using Leaflet < 1, you need to use the version 0.6.0 of this plugin. After that, Leaflet > 1 is required.


    var map = L.map('map').fitWorld();
        // Allows you to use a customized version of L.geoJson.
        // For example if you are using the Proj4Leaflet leaflet plugin,
        // you can pass L.Proj.geoJson and load the files into the
        // L.Proj.GeoJson instead of the L.geoJson.
        layer: L.geoJson,
        // See http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#geojson-options
        layerOptions: {style: {color:'red'}},
        // Add to map after loading (default: true) ?
        addToMap: true,
        // File size limit in kb (default: 1024) ?
        fileSizeLimit: 1024,
        // Restrict accepted file formats (default: .geojson, .json, .kml, and .gpx) ?
        formats: [


  • data:loaded (event)
    var control = L.Control.fileLayerLoad();
    control.loader.on('data:loaded', function (event) {
        // event.layer gives you access to the layers you just uploaded!

        // Add to map layer switcher
        layerswitcher.addOverlay(event.layer, event.filename);
  • data:error (error)
    var control = L.Control.fileLayerLoad();
    control.loader.on('data:error', function (error) {
        // Do something usefull with the error!



  • Leaflet 1.2.0 compatibility
  • Accept json file as input (thanks kkdd)


  • Leaflet 1.1.0 compatibility (thanks @thorinii)


  • Better plugin packaging and dependencies
  • Adding bower support (thanks @george-silva)
  • Adding support for custom geoJson layers (thanks @MuellerMatthew)
  • Treating json files as geoJson (thanks @Jmuccigr)


  • Load multiple files (thanks @jens-duttke)


  • Support whitelist for file formats (thanks CJ Cenizal)


  • Add data:error event (thanks @joeybaker)
  • Fix multiple uploads (thanks @joeybaker)
  • Add addToMap option (thanks @joeybaker)

(* Did not release version 0.2 to prevent conflicts with Joey's fork. *)


  • Initial working version


Makina Corpus


  • Mathieu Leplatre
  • Joey Baker http://byjoeybaker.com
  • CJ Cenizal
  • Jens-duttke
  • Jmuccigr
  • Matthew Mueller
  • George Silva
  • Simon Bats
  • Opoto
  • Lachlan Phillips
  • kkdd