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Django Leaflet

See the documentation for more information.

django-leaflet allows you to use Leaflet in your Django projects.

It embeds Leaflet version 1.3.1.

Documentation Status

Main purposes of having a python package for the Leaflet Javascript library :

  • Install and enjoy ;
  • Do not embed Leaflet assets in every Django project ;
  • Enjoy geometry edition with Leaflet form widget ;
  • Control apparence and settings of maps from Django settings (e.g. at deployment) ;
  • Reuse Leaflet map initialization code (e.g. local projections) ;
note:django-leaflet is compatible with django-geojson fields, which allow handling geographic data without spatial database.





  • Lesser GNU Public License
  • Leaflet Copyright - 2010-2011 CloudMade, Vladimir Agafonkin