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PAS installation pipeline on Azure


  1. Create an automation account with the following instruction

  1. Create a storage container to store a terraform state file used in the pipeline
# CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, TENANT_ID are written in the tfvars file created by az-automation

az login --username $CLIENT_ID \
         --password $CLIENT_SECRET \
         --service-principal \
         --tenant $TENANT_ID 

az group create --name "pcfci" \
  --location "Japan East"

az storage account create --name "pcfpipeline" \
  --resource-group "pcfci" \
  --location "Japan East" \
  --sku "Standard_LRS"

az storage container create --name terraformstate \
  --account-name pcfpipeline

Copy credentials.sample.yml to credentials.yml and Edit it for your environment.