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AlexaPi (the new & awesome version)

This is a client for Amazon's Alexa service. It is intended and tested to run on a wide range of platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, CHIP and ordinary Linux desktops.

NOTE: This is a new generation of the project under heavy some development. There can be a few glitches, but it's definitely ready to use if you're an advanced user.

Do you want to help out? Read the Contribution Guide.

Check out the Documentation Wiki and Change Log.


You will need:

  1. A Linux box
    • a Raspberry Pi and an SD Card with a fresh install of Raspbian
    • or an Orange Pi with Armbian
    • or pretty much any up-to-date Linux system
  2. Audio peripherals
    • external speaker with 3.5mm Jack
    • USB Sound Dongle and microphone
  3. Other
    • (optional) (Raspberry Pi) a push button connected between GPIO 18 and GND (configurable)
    • (optional) (Raspberry Pi) a dual colour LED (or 2 single LEDs) connected to GPIO 24 & 25 (configurable)

You wanna give it a try? Check out the Installation Guide.

Issues / Bugs / Documentation / etc.

If your AlexaPi isn't running on startup, crashes or your audio input / output isn't working, be sure to check out:

or chat with us at