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hi, i'm ashley. nice to meet you.

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* THIS README IS OUT OF DATE * (will be updating soon)

This repo contains a static landing site for myself, as well as a json-api compliant, hypermedia API that would generate the response you see on that page. The API is written in an open source framework I work on, called Endpoints. This API is a work in progress :)

Please fork this project and make your own portfolio with it! <3

Up and Running

This project was built using Node, so you'll need that to run it. To check if you have it installed, go to your terminal/cmd and type node -v. If you need to install Node, you can head here.

Run the API

This API is built in the Endpoints framework. It uses a sqlite3 database, and uses Knex for building queries and Bookshelf as an ORM.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. npm install
  3. To build the database run knex migrate:latest
  4. To seed the directory, run knex seed:run
  5. Start the API by running npm start

The root route, / will show you a list of resources and the filters you can use on them.

Try: http://localhost:8080/users/1?include=projects,presentations,community,writing

NOTE: You'll probably want an in browser JSON Viewer to see the responses :) I really like: JSON Viewer for Chrome.

Build the Static Site

The static site is built with jade. Simply edit app/views/index.jade and then run npm build. To deploy to gh-pages move the generated index.html to the root directory.

index.jade extends layout.jade, which pulls in Skeleton CSS. For custom styles, modify public/css/styles.css. All other static assets should also be placed in public.


hi, i'm ashley. nice to meet you.



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