Real-time face detection using OpenCV, Node.js, and WebSockets
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Badger Face Replace

Replace your face with badgers (or whatever image you upload). Based on the real-time face detection app using OpenCV, Node.js, and WebSockets built by Esther Jun Kim.


  • Node.js
  • OpenCV 2.4.x
  • ImageMagick – homebrew: brew install imagemagick
  • GraphicsMagick – homebrew: brew install graphicsmagick
  • pm2, a process manager for node.js that will restart the app in case of errors - npm install -g pm2 [optional]
  • A webcam, e.g. laptop-integrated webcam, USB webcam

Installing Node.js packages

  • Navigate to the server directory
  • To install the packages: npm install

Replacing the mask image

  • Add your image (in PNG format) to the server/lib/images directory
  • Update the MASK_IMAGE constant in server/lib/config/camera.js

Running the demo

  • Make sure you are still in the server directory
  • To run the server: pm2 start server.js
  • To run the demo locally, open a browser and go to localhost:8080
  • To shutdown the server: pm2 stop server

The app should be up and running!