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📺 Streaming OBS video into maps on item frames at a high frame rate
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📺 Streaming OBS video into maps on item frames at a high frame rate

How does it works

  • Load jar plugin onto 1.13+ Spigot server
  • It will start a thread to listen for UDP packets on port 1337
  • Use ffmpeg to send OBS-VirtualCamera as JPG frames to the UDP socket
  • Renders the latest available frame in Minecraft!

Get started (It's not easy and it's experimental)

Beware that map ID 0 and 1 will probably be overwritten

  • Download MakiScreen jar and place in Spigot 1.13+ server plugins
  • Download FFmpeg and make sure its in your path
  • Download OBS
  • Download OBS-VirtualCamera
  • Run Spigot server and make sure port 1337 UDP is available
  • Run OBS and make sure the output resolution is 256x128
  • Enable Tools>VirtualCam
  • Open terminal shell and enter ffmpeg -y -f dshow -i video="OBS-Camera" -vf scale=256:128 -f rawvideo -c:v mjpeg -qscale:v 1 -r 60 udp://
  • Type /maki in Minecraft to get both maps

Help me

You can contact me on Discord at Maki#4845 or on Twitter at @MakiXx_

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