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A map of Hacktoberfest 2019 participants
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Happy Hacktoberfest! 🔥 HacktoberMap is a map of Hacktoberfest 2019 participants.

Link to the map:


Step 1

If this is your first pull request, please read this article: How To Create a Pull Request on GitHub

Fork the repo by pressing the "Fork" button on the top right side of the repository and clone your forked repository.

Step 2

In your forked repository, edit hacktobermap.js and add your name, location, latitude and longitude to the bottom of the file using this format:

    name: "Your name",
    location: "Your location",
    latitude: 12.34,
    longitude: 56.78 

You can get the coordinates of your location from Your location can be your city, your state or even your country - it's entirely up to you and how much you want to disclose on the Internet.

Warning: Do NOT put the exact coordinates of your house for your own safety!

Step 3

Commit your changes and submit a pull request! After your pull request gets accepted, you will be able to see your very own marker on the HacktoberMap!

Step 4

Please star the repo if you like this fun little Hacktoberfest project ❤️

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Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA, Imagery © Mapbox

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