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using System.Collections.Generic;
using Statiq.Common;
using Statiq.Core;
using Statiq.Razor;
using Statiq.Yaml;
namespace StatiqTutorial
/// <summary>
/// Pipeline responsible for processing features markdown files into features listing HTML documents using Razor templates.
/// </summary>
public class FeaturesListingRazorPipeline : Pipeline
public FeaturesListingRazorPipeline()
InputModules = new ModuleList
// Reads the content of files from the file system into the content of new documents.
// <see href="">ReadFiles</see>
new ReadFiles(pattern: "content/features/*.md"),
ProcessModules = new ModuleList
// Extracts the first part of the content for each document and sends it to a child module for processing.
// <see href="">ExtractFrontMatter</see>
new ExtractFrontMatter(
// Parses YAML content for each input document and stores the result in it's metadata.
// <see href="">ParseYaml</see>
new ParseYaml()
// Replaces documents in the current pipeline.
// <see href="">ReplaceDocuments</see>
new ReplaceDocuments(
Config.FromContext(context =>
return (IEnumerable<IDocument>) new []
// Provides properties and instance methods for working with paths.
// <see href="">NormalizedPath</see>
new NormalizedPath("features-razor.html"),
new KeyValuePair<string, object>(Keys.Children, context.Inputs)
OutputModules = new ModuleList
// Load Razor template to IDocument content.
// <see href="">MergeContent</see>.
// <see href="">Content propery of IDocument</see>
new MergeContent(new ReadFiles("FeaturesListing.cshtml")),
// Render HTML file from Razor template and document typed as HomeViewModel model.
// <see href="">RenderRazor</see>
new RenderRazor().WithModel(Config.FromDocument((document, context) =>
var featureDocuments = document.GetChildren();
List<Feature> features = new List<Feature>();
foreach (var featureDocument in featureDocuments)
var featureTitle = featureDocument.GetString("Title");
var featureDescription = featureDocument.GetString("Description");
var slug = featureDocument.Source.FileNameWithoutExtension.ToString();
features.Add(new Feature(featureTitle, featureDescription, slug));
return new FeaturesListingViewModel(features);
// Flush to the output.
// <see href="">WriteFiles</see>.
new WriteFiles()