Classic game we all know and love, written in C with ncurses
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The classic game we all know and love.



The game is made and tested on Windows 10 with PDCurses and MinGW-w64. Tested on Windows 10 with cmd.exe, Cygwin and Git for Windows' bash.exe. Tested to be working on Arch Linux VM.

Required libraries:

  • ncurses (PDCurses)

Other requirements:

  • For building:
    • GNU Make and GCC, preferably with bash or other shell (just not cmd.exe)
  • For playing:
    • a terminal emulator
    • arrow keys


Pre-compiled binaries are planned. For now you have to compile from source (which is dead-easy once you have the required tools).

git clone
cd snake
make && make run

The executables are in target/debug or target/release subdirectories.


You can specify the speed the game should run at. Higher number is slower. Example:

./snake 100

Will run with game speed set to 100. It is basically the amount of milliseconds the program sleeps every frame. Default is 125.

Planned features

  • Persistent high-score table
  • Custom game board size (customized via command-line arguments)
  • Minimal bugs


Licensed under MIT (Expat) license. This program is free software. © 2018 Mateusz Makowski