Simple Sinatra based Web UI for Tokyo Tyrant
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Exmouth Market

What's this?

Simple Web UI for Tokyo Tyrant (NOT READY FOR RELEASE YET!!)

What's currently supported?

HDB mset/mget/delete/vanish/stat

Dependencies (I checked on my OSX 10.6.2, Ruby 1.8.7, and Ruby Gem 1.3.5).

Ruby gems

How to setup

Startup Tokyo Tyrant (anywhere you like). It will start as default port of 1978

ttserver example.tch

Setup your config file by adding hostname and port of Tokyo Tyrant

cd $ROOT/config cp config.yml.example config.yml

Startup Sinatra . It will start as default port of 4567

cd $ROOT ruby main.rb

Open Browser

Why called Exmouth Market

It's a lovely market next to New Bamboo office. Food market during lunchtime is heaven!! I just named it by following the convention of Tokyo series, Miyazaki Resistance, and Oklahoma Mixer


  • Replace layout
  • Add pagination
  • Handle multiple tables
  • Support Table DB
  • Validation for invalid request
  • Write Spec