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Japanese Fine Software Writings Wiki


This wiki is inspired by Fine Software Writings, which translates lots of good English writings into Japanese.

Since there are also a lot of good Japanese writings which have not seen outside of Japan, I decided to translate them a bit by bit.

Table Of Content


  • RubyKaigi must die for once - Shyouhei Urabe (original: 2009/07/21, translated: 2010/09/06, translator: makoto inoue)
  • What can you do as a Rubyist - Kazuhiko (original: 2009/09/13, translated: 2010/09/18, translator: makoto inoue)


Feel free to add your translations. There are no specific format/standard at this moment, but here are some basic guidelines. I will think about it once people actually start contributing.

  • If you are adding new translations, please make sure you get permission from the original author, and also add link to the original.
  • For English speaking reader. If you find typo or syntax mistakes, please edit them accordingly. This will help authors improving their English writing skills.