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A basic Tokyo Cabinet shell for the browser (and a little homage to _why)

NOTE: This project is still work in progress


Since Redis and Mongodb already has nice in-browser shell, we built this as part of Eden Development & New Bamboo Joint hack day.

This is literally the rip off from Try.Mongo.

If you are interested in Tokyo, check out these


  • Implement tct (Tokyo Cabinet Table)
  • Change data format from JSON to Ruby Hash
  • Add tests
  • Implement more features of tch and tcb
  • Add tutorial

Special thanks goes to

  • Kyle Banker for letting us fork off from TinyMongo shell.
  • Mikio Hirabayashi for Tokyo Cabinet / Tokyo Tyrant work.
  • Flinn Mueller for ruby-tokyotyrant ruby gem.
  • Eden Development & New Bamboo for letting us develop this during the company hack days.


Makoto Inoue & Elliot Crosby-McCullough

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