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    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "maksekeskus/maksekeskus-php": "v1.1"

Prebuilt packages

Download the packaged library form the repository [releases] (

Unpack it into your project folder (i.e. /htdocs/myshop/ ) and include the libarary file ( i.e. /htdocs/myshop/Maksekeskus-1.1/Maksekeskus.php )

Get your API keys from or



require __DIR__ . '/maksekeskus-1.1/vendor/autoload.php'; //Comment this line out if you are using Composer to build your project

use Maksekeskus\Maksekeskus;

// get your API keys from or
$shopId = '12ee0036-3719-...-9a8b-51f5770190ca';
$KeyPublishable = '5wCSE2B2OAV6...cpe2N1kZQzCXNTe';
$KeySecret = 'JvH2IZ6W6fvKB7W7...ea3BLWgqcfbhQKEN1w2UDrua3sWlojPGfhp';

// use TRUE if working against the Test environment
// see
$MK = new Maksekeskus($shopId,$KeyPublishable,$KeySecret,TRUE);


$data = $MK->getPaymentMethods($context);

print "<pre>";
print "</pre>";


See more examples on