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This scrip allow run some firebug's commands through pentadactyl's console

Available commands

  • Global actions

    • open: 'open firebug window'
    • close: 'minimize firebug window'
    • toggle: 'toggle firebug window'
    • disable: 'exit from firebug'
    • inspect: 'inspect elements on the page'
    • behave: 'add Behave.js to firebug console (like auto-pairs)'
  • Console actions

    • console: 'focuses the firebug console'
    • multiline: 'open the multiline firebug console editor'
    • toggle-console: 'toggle between the one-line and multiline firebug console editor'
    • clear: 'clear console output window'
    • run: 'run script that was entered in console editor'
  • Navigation

    • tab: 'focuses the specified firebug tab (console, html, stylesheet, script, dom, net, etc)'
    • tab-side: 'focuses the specified firebug side tab (css, computed, layout, dom, domSide, watch)'
    • >: 'focuses the next right firebug tab'
    • <: 'focuses the next left firebug tab'
    • #: 'focuses the prev firebug tab'
    • /: 'search'

You also may use any combinations of commands:

  :firebug clear run console
  :firebug tab html
  :firebug tab console run toggle-console


Before Installation this file you must have installed firebug plugin for Firefox Then download this file and put it in pentadactyl's plugin folder

Example configuration .pentadactylrc

  map -modes=n,v C :firebug<Space>disable<Space><Return>
  map -modes=n,v ;kk :firebug<Space>console<Return>
  map -modes=n,v ;kr :firebug<Space>run<Return>
  map -modes=n,v ;kc :firebug<Space>clear<Return>

  "run script on blur firebug console
  set fbliverun

(version: 0.1.3) maksimr