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Dashchan Extension: ACF

A collection of Dashchan extensions for imageboards belonging to the Alternate Chan Federation

Setup Guide

  1. Download the Dashchan client application: Dashchan.apk.
  2. (Optional) Download WebM video player libraries: DashchanWebm.apk.
  3. Download one or more of the Dashchan extensions below: ↓↓↓↓↓


Chan Name Host Extension Package Link
16chan Dashchan-16chan.apk
Bunkerchan Dashchan-Endchan.apk
Onee Chan Dashchan-Onee.apk
Spacechan Dashchan-Spacechan.apk
Xchan Dashchan-Xchan.apk

Not Currently Working

  • captchas
  • report

Dashchan Client

Dashchan is imageboards client for Android.

Read the project wiki for further information.


Extension is licensed under the MIT License.

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