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A 3D vehicle game prototype inspired by the dune buggies in Jak 3
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Spargus Vehicle Prototype

This is a 3D vehicle game prototype inspired by the gameplay and feel of the dune buggies in Jak 3.


Clone and init submodules for dependencies:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Jam is used to build the project. Install Jam:

sudo apt install jam

SFML Setup

SFML is used for graphics, window, and input. I used my old base2.0 library to wrap SFML if I ever want to switch to SDL (I should dump base2.0 eventually…)

Running will build base2.0. You will need to have installed SFML 2 already. (TODO: Add instructions on how to do this)

Bullet3 Setup

Spargus Vehicle Prototype uses Bullet3 for physics.

Build bullet3:

cd spargus-vehicle-prototype

Optional: Test the examples:

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