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An experiential game about mental health. While the game itself is not ready for play, it will be available here.

This README is necessarily sparse. The game is written in literate CoffeeScript, and thus most of the information is available there. However, all of that is available in the game itself through an overlay.

The Source

300.01 is a single-page CoffeeScript application consisting of a game, several levels, an overlay, and a few extras. If you want to run the game in development mode, simply run make devel from the root directory of the source. This will run both a simple HTTP server on port 8000 and also ensure that the CoffeeScript source is updated. The LESS stylesheet is rendered within the browser in this mode. The only files that are not kept up to date with a watcher are the rendered .litcoffee files, but you can run make docco at any time without pausing the development environment to regenerate those.

The application is distributed as a single JavaScript file containing all libraries and the compiled/minimized/mangled game. The LESS is compiled down into CSS and merged with other necessary stylesheets to minimize requests. You can prepare for distribution by running make dist which will build all the files necessary in the dist/ directory.

There are a few other make targets which really aren't that useful in day-to-day development, but feel free to check out the Makefile for more.

The source itself is licensed under an MIT license; the written portion is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.


I aim to release this one level at a time. Each level is exhausting to produce, and I burned too hard and too long to get the game itself and the first two levels done in just a few days. However, I definitely welcome additions from others out there who might find this sort of thing useful. Send a PR or shoot me an email -

I'm also on Gittip



An experiential game about mental health




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