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Sketch Plugin Scripts

Some scripts for the Mac Sketch app.

Blend Steps

bled steps GIF

Duplicate the first selected object and distribute the cloned one evenly between two selection.


Simple Pattern

Duplicate the selection (or use the five selections) and put them into repeatable pattern position. The original selection is placed at center of the artboard. The duplicated ones are placed at top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right correspondingly.

When you select 1 object, the script duplicates it into 5 copies. If you select 5 objects, the script uses the 5 selections directly.


Duplicate as Pattern


Duplicate the selection and put into the other edge, as if they are one object seamlessly connected.

Preview Video:

Fill Artboard

I usually need to draw a rectangle as background with the same dimension of the artboard.


Fill Width/Height

fill width GIF

Sometimes I need to quickly set the shape to the width of the artboard. You may check the 7 seconds demo video on how this works:


For Sketch from Mac App Store:

Place the .sketchplugin file inside ~/Library/Containers/com.bohemiancoding.sketch/Data/Library/Application Support/sketch/Plugins

For Sketch from Downloads:

Place the . sketchplugin file inside ~/library/application support/sketch/plugins

If you are unsure where to place the files, you can open the plugin folder by choosing Plugins | Reveal Plugins Folder... in latest Sketch menu.


Totally free for any usage.


Some scripts for the Mac Sketch app



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