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This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates a simple HTML5 game by using Box2D physics engine and CreateJS.
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Box2D and CreateJS quick start

This tutorial demonstrates an HTML5 game setup by using Box2D physics engine and CreateJS.

The following are the steps to complete this tutorial project. In case you just need the final code, please check the last step.

Final screen

Here is the result of this project. It setup the basic code for Box2D and CreateJS woring together. 2 objects are created to demonstrate the static and dynamic objects creation.

Final Screen


Thomas Mak (a.k.a. Makzan)

Makzan focuses on web development and game design. He has over 14 years of experience in building digital products. He has worked on real-time multiplayer interaction games, iOS applications, and rich interactive websites.

He has written three books and one video course on building a Flash virtual world and creating games with HTML5 and the latest web standards.

Library Used

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