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Rest Api documentation generator


Calamum is a simple tool to generate a REST API documentation from a JSON file definition.


Download and install calamum: gem install calamum


calamum -h
Usage: /bin/calamum (options)
  -d, --debug                      Show actions to do (true by default)
  -f, --file DEFINITION            Path to the file with API definition
  -p, --path PATH                  Path to the directory where docs will be generated
  -t, --template TEMPLATE          Name of HTML template (twitter or bootstrap , twitter by default)
  -s, --sort                       Sort the resources alphabetically
  -v, --version                    Show version number
  -h, --help                       Show this help

To generate a documentation you should write a definition of your REST API in JSON format or YAML format.
In the case of separated resources files, the resources attribute must define the directory path of resources files as in the files sample_separated.json and sample_separated.yml.
You could find an example of API definition in the sample.json and sample.yml. Next, just run the calamum command.

for twitter template:

$calamum -f my_api_definition.json -t twitter

for bootstrap template:

$calamum -f my_api_definition.json -t bootstrap

To preview just generated documentation, navigate to the 'docs' directory (by default in your home path, you can specify the destination path with the option '-p/--path'). Then, find and open the index.html file in your browser and enjoy the result.


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