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A little program I created for analyzing package dependencies of application elm.json.

This is my first Elm program of over 1000 lines, and code quality clearly reflects that. :D

Live version:


Loading elm.json

  1. Open your application elm.json or copy-paste it into the editor.
    • You can also load an example with some conflicting packages with "Load example".
  2. Press "Analyze" to parse JSON and load package information.
    • Loaded information is cached for 24 hours in browser and in backend cache. If cache has become stale, loading can take a moment while cache is being refreshed, but subsequent loads will go faster.

Once elm.json has been analyzed, table on right will show all relevant packages. For each package the version in elm.json and all newer versions will be shown.


  • Packages are shown in four sections based on elm.json: direct, indirect, test-direct and test-indirect
  • Direct packages have checkmark and black font color.
  • Indirect packages have gray font color.
  • Use checkboxes to change whether package is considered direct package or not.
  • Test-dependencies are marked with TEST.
  • Packages which are mentioned in elm.json, but not needed by current direct packages, are marked with strikethrough.
  • Additional packages which are not mentioned in elm.json, are marked with NEW and listed at end of each section.

Selected versions

  • Selected version of each package is shown with blue background. To change selected version, click on any other version.
  • If there are any dependency conflicts with selected versions, those are listed under the table.
  • If there are no conflicts with selected versions, then any non-selected version which is incompatible with selected versions, will be shown with red background.

Incompatible versions

  • When hovering cursor over any package version, all versions which are incompatible with that one will be marked with red border.


  • Only application elm.json can be analyzed, not package elm.json.
    • If you would find it useful to also support package elm.json, please open an issue.
  • Moving packages between normal/test dependencies is not fully supported yet.


  1. Install Elm 0.19
  2. Run elm make src/*.elm --optimize --output=elm.js in project base directory.
    • Optionally you can also run minifier like uglifyjs. See included for some building options. (This is just a generic script for running elm make, not specific to this project.)
  3. Open index.html in browser.

Backend cache

  • cacheUrl in Backend.elm sets the backend cache to be used.
  • My cache at is available publicly for now. I intend to keep this cache public, but if I start getting too much traffic, I could make it private.
  • The backend script is included in this repository as cache.php, so you could also just run your own cache.

Backend error reporting

  • logErrorUrl in Backend.elm enables/disables automatic error reporting, and sets the URL to be used when enabled.
  • For custom builds this should be set to either Nothing (disabled) or to your own URL.
    • (Error reports from custom builds aren't that useful to me, as I can't know what has been changed in code.)
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