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The Malaria Atlas Project

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  1. malariaAtlas malariaAtlas Public

    An R interface to open-access malaria data, hosted by the Malaria Atlas Project.

    R 40 20

  2. geo-gpu geo-gpu Public

    Low-level geostatistical utilities that run on a GPU

    Python 5 3

  3. map_utils map_utils Public

    utility functions

    Python 3 3

  4. st-cov-fun st-cov-fun Public

    The spatiotemporal covariance function used in MBGW

    Python 2 2

  5. pr-incidence pr-incidence Public

    Bayesian model relating clinical malaria incidence to parasite rate

    Python 2 2

  6. generic-mbg generic-mbg Public

    Wraps spatiotemporal models for count data in shell commands

    Python 2 3


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