An interactive cider brewing guide.
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C1d3r is an interactive hard cider brewing guide. It aims at providing simple and easy to follow instructions meant for beginners and seasoned cider makers alike. As opposed to a written guide, C1d3r allows you to factor in often overlooked parameters which impact the recommended steps and related quantities.

This project is meant to be simple and straight to the point. It offers flexibility but within strictly defined recipes. C1d3r is neither meant to be a generic recipe maker nor a brewing simulator. At the core of the application is its set of curated recipes.


The C1d3r guide leverages the latest web technologies to provide an easy to follow and stylistic interactive experience. The latest version of the application is continuously built and deployed to This should handle most use cases, and efforts are made to keep this deployment reliable, free of regressions, and backward compatible through the years. This link is meant to be bookmarked and consulted annually.

Advanced users and programmers alike, might want to personalize their guide, and the use of web technologies makes that simple and hassle free. Although it is strongly suggested that any useful development be pushed back for the benefit of the community, local deployment can be made to run any alternate code without any issues.


Contributions to this project are very welcome. This being an open source project, it is only as strong as the people who caries it and volunteer their time for the benefit of the overall community. This being said, all work must comply with the project vision's of a simple, easy to use, and focused interactive guide. Here is a couple of way you may help :

  1. Using it! And reporting errors and bugs in the Github issue manager.
  2. Helping with the user experience and styling. HTML | JS | Polymer
  3. Tacking a reported bug, and fixing it.
  4. Find a TODO in the code and resolve it.
  5. Contributing recipes, see the wiki page for more details.

This is the lovely people to thank for this guide:

Maxime Lavigne (malavv)
Nicolas Gauthier
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Building the application

Local build of the application are fairly simple to put in place. They can be of great help with the development of new recipes, or whilst developing new features. In order to get a full description of how to set up for deployment, please consult the file.