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Reader Writer Locks

Initialze locks to all bytes zero. Compile with -D STANDALONE to add benchmarking main module. Run the benchmark with two parameters: # of threads and lock-type. The benchmark consists of 1000000 lock/work/unlock calls divided by the number of threads specified. 500x Ratio of Read Locks to Write Locks.

readerwriter.c: linux/Windows spinlock/phase-fair:

0: type 0   pthread/SRW system rwlocks
1: type 1	Phase-Fair FIFO simple rwlock
2: type 2	Mutex based, neither FIFO nor Fair
3: type 3	FIFO and Phase-Fair Brandenburg spin lock

Usage: ./readerwriter #thrds lockType
0: sizeof RWLock0: 56
1: sizeof RWLock1: 8
2: sizeof RWLock2: 4
3: sizeof RWLock3: 8

Sample linux 3.10.0-123.9.3.el7.x86_64 output: (times are in usecs per call of lock/unlock pair)

[root@test7x64 xlink]# cc -o readerwriter -g -O3 -D STANDALONE readerwriter.c -lpthread

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 2 1
 real 0.990us
 user 1.979us
 sys  0.000us
 nanosleeps 8

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 20 1
 real 1.049us
 user 3.476us
 sys  0.041us
 nanosleeps 96672

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 200 1
 real 4.757us
 user 13.614us
 sys  4.124us
 nanosleeps 4553530

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 2000 1
 real 5.465us
 user 5.841us
 sys  15.989us
 nanosleeps 7129710

Sample Simple Mutex based lock 64 bit linux:

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 2 2
 real 1.359us
 user 2.720us
 sys  0.001us
 nanosleeps 4

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 20 2
 real 0.746us
 user 2.933us
 sys  0.004us
 nanosleeps 2352

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 200 2
 real 0.694us
 user 2.731us
 sys  0.015us
 nanosleeps 15612

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 2000 2
 real 0.744us
 user 2.778us
 sys  0.090us
 nanosleeps 30071

Sample Brandenburg Phase-Fair FIFO 64 bit linux:

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 2 3
 real 1.283us
 user 2.569us
 sys  0.000us
 nanosleeps 3

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 20 3
 real 1.685us
 user 3.178us
 sys  0.014us
 nanosleeps 67037

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 200 3
 real 1.760us
 user 3.223us
 sys  0.229us
 nanosleeps 251252

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./readerwriter 2000 3
 real 2.030us
 user 3.626us
 sys  2.559us
 nanosleeps 1392172

sample Windows 7 64bit output:

readerwriter 2 1
 real 2.329us
 user 3.416us
 sys  0.873us
 nanosleeps 1961

readerwriter 20 1
 real 2.623us
 user 3.697us
 sys  3.198us
 nanosleeps 18973

readerwriter 200 1
 real 3.095us
 user 4.274us
 sys  3.822us
 nanosleeps 204165

readerwriter 2000 1
 real 3.121us
 user 4.290us
 sys  2.698us
 nanosleeps 789758

rwfutex.c: Four Linux only versions that utilize futex calls on contention.

0: type 0   pthread/SRW system rwlocks
1: type 1   Not FIFO nor Phase-Fair
2: type 2	FIFO and Phase-Fair Brandenburg futex rwlock
3: type 3	Not FIFO nor Phase-Fair Mutex based rwlock

0: sizeof SystemLatch: 56
1: sizeof FutexLock: 4
2: sizeof RWLock: 8
3: sizeof RWLock2: 12

Sample output: (times are in usecs per call of lock/unlock pair)

[root@test7x64 xlink]# cc -o rwfutex -g -O3 -D STANDALONE rwfutex.c -lpthread

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 2 1
 real 1.311us
 user 2.546us
 sys  0.012us
 futex waits: 5202

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 20 1
 real 0.726us
 user 2.574us
 sys  0.107us
 futex waits: 38678

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 200 1
 real 1.026us
 user 2.576us
 sys  1.500us
 futex waits: 156245

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 2000 1
 real 4.690us
 user 2.618us
 sys  16.095us
 futex waits: 927765

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 2 2
 real 1.013us
 user 1.942us
 sys  0.018us
 futex waits: 3860

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 20 2
 real 2.037us
 user 2.115us
 sys  5.814us
 futex waits: 698256

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 200 2
 real 5.122us
 user 2.188us
 sys  18.063us
 futex waits: 2306898

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 2000 2
 real 14.875us
 user 3.104us
 sys  55.712us
 futex waits: 7563596

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 2 3
 real 1.004us
 user 2.007us
 sys  0.000us
 futex waits: 4

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 20 3
 real 0.617us
 user 2.100us
 sys  0.000us
 futex waits: 717

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 200 3
 real 0.568us
 user 2.153us
 sys  0.012us
 futex waits: 1016

[root@test7x64 xlink]# ./rwfutex 2000 3
 real 0.582us
 user 2.121us
 sys  0.064us
 futex waits: 1336

Please address any questions or concerns to the program author: Karl Malbrain,