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An interactive timeline of the Darfield Earthquake

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Updating the datafile

Currently, the page uses the earthquakes.kml file for data as the timemap library doesn't support remote kml.

To update the earthquakes.kml file:

  • Go to the GeoNet quake search
  • Set the date range, and draw a box around the Canterbury region on the map to exclude other quakes. Setting the end date to tomorrow will ensure you get all the known aftershocks.
  • Select KML as the output format, and save the resulting file over the existing earthquakes.kml

Updating the 'Quakes by date' graph

This graph uses the Google charts API. You can use the stats.rb Ruby script to create a new chart URL when the earthquakes.yml file is update, the new URL must currently be inserted manually into index.html.


  • Customise map markers based on depth
  • Filter by depth
  • Zoom timescale
  • Animate display
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