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2.0.7, released 09/12/2010

  • Bug fixes

2.0.6, released 14/11/2010

  • Bug fixes

2.0.5, released 21/10/2010

  • Add support for credit notes. Thanks to malclocke and wasabhi for their contributions

2.0.4, released 29/09/2010

  • Use bundler for dependency management

2.0.3, released 29/09/2010

  • Fix issue caused by Xero updating the Tracking Category XML structure

2.0.2, released 23/08/2010

  • Xero Api version 2.0

1.0.5, released 25/09/2009

  • This will be the final release before switching to the Xero API version 2.0
  • Allow multiple tracking options per line item

1.0.4, released 13/08/2009

  • Auto-assign Contact#contact_id and Invoice#invoice_id on creation of either of these records.
  • Add Xero::Gateway#build_contact and Xero::Gateway#build_invoice factory methods to create Contact/Invoice objects associated with the gateway.
  • Add Contact#save method to create/update a contact record based on if it has a contact_id or contact_number.
  • Add Invoice#save method to create (insert only currently supported by Xero API) the invoice.
  • Add #valid? method to each model class to validate it’s contents with the minimum required by the API (without calling the API).
  • Add useful API constants throughout the library.
  • Allow Invoice and LineItem to auto-calculate line_amount, sub_total, total_tax and total fields. Existing setters for these fields remain (for backwards compatability) but will be deprecated in the future.
  • Create XeroGateway::AccountList class to make working with the accounts response more powerful and faster (as it caches the last result).
  • Add :updated_after parameter to XeroGateway::Gateway#get_contacts
  • Add XeroGateway::Gateway#update_contacts
  • Add XeroGateway::Gateway#create_invoices

1.0.3, released 09/12/2008

  • Major refactorings to DRY out gateway.rb
  • Removed all messages classes in favour of invoice.to_xml and Invoice.from_xml(element)
  • Added unit tests for the handing of errors from Xero

1.0.2, released 04/12/2008

  • Added implementation of GET /api.xro/1.0/tracking

1.0.1, released 02/12/2008

  • Added implementation of GET /api.xro/1.0/accounts
  • Replaced, etc with Invoice.invoice_id, Contact.contact_id to avoid errors

1.0.0, released 01/12/2008

  • Initial release, including:
  • PUT /api.xro/1.0/contact
  • GET /api.xro/1.0/contact
  • GET /api.xro/1.0/contacts
  • PUT /api.xro/1.0/invoice
  • GET /api.xro/1.0/invoice
  • GET /api.xro/1.0/invoices
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