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Joining string/classes with specified delimiter.
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Joining string/classes with specified delimiter.


import joinString from 'join-string';

const joinFn = joinString(', ');
const isTrue = true;
const isFalse = false;
const result = joinFn('a', 'b', isTrue && 'c', isFalse && 'd', undefined);

console.log(result); // "a, b, c"


This module is distributed via npm which is bundled with node and should be installed as one of your project's dependencies:

npm install --save join-string


yarn add join-string


joinString: (delimiter: string) => (...items: any[]) => string

joinString is a higher-order function that accepts delimiter as parameter and returns a joining function that will join all its parameters with the delimiter.

The filtering rule of the joining functions are:

  1. string will be included except when it is an empty string ("");
  2. number will be included
  3. null, undefined, and boolean will be ignored. This allows you to provide optional strings or conditional string with ternary expression.
  4. array will be flattened and filtered based on the rules above.

joinString is available with import joinString from 'join-string' or import { joinString } from 'join-string', based on your preference.

joinClassName: (...classNames: any[]) => string

joinClassName is an utility to construct className. It join all its parameter with a space.

Under the hood, joinClassName is just joinString(' ').

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