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Notes for Differential Equations

These are the LaTeX and Asymptote ( source files for
lab notes for the math 201 course (Differential Equations for
Engineers) at the University of Alberta.  They are released under the
Creative Commons “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International” license.

The main notes are denotes.tex, available as a PDF at:

If you have trouble with that link, please try:

There are also handouts available in the handouts directory in the
form of TeX files.

Typesetting conventions

Most of the figures are made with Asymptote and must be compiled into
PDFs before compiling the latex.

We are using the breqn package to automatically break long equations.
  \begin{dmath} ... \end{dmath} 
for numbered equations, and
  \begin{dmath*} ... \end{dmath*} 
for non-numbered equations. 
Use "\hiderel" to prevent breaking at specific points.  If you want to prevent
the equation from breaking in general, use 
  \begin{dmath}[compact] ... \end{dmath} 
  \begin{dmath*}[compact] ... \end{dmath*},
and you can then use "\\" (the normal line break) to indicate to breqn where
you would like it to break equations.

For writing multiple equations with, eg, the equals sign aligned vertically
for both a LHS and a RHS, dmath doesn't seem to work, and align puts things
on opposite sides of the page.  Use 
  \begin{align} ... \end{align}


Course notes for a second-year course in solving differential equations.



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