Patches for Debian/Ubuntu the Intel OpenCL drivers.
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Patches for the Debian/Ubuntu version of the Intel OpenCL drivers.

Intel has provided Linux drivers for OpenCL on their CPUs (, but the deb files had some issues with the install scripts on Ubuntu (see Sadly, the OpenCL drivers for Iris and HD GPUs from Intel are Windows-only.

The script in this repository applies patches to the .deb files allowing the drivers to be installed on Debian and Ubuntu machines.

Patched files are available (as of 2014-09-01) at


  1. Make sure that dpkg-deb is installed and in your path.

  2. Download the .tgz containing the .deb files from and unpack them using tar -xzvf .tgz into the a directory containing patch/ and .

  3. Run ./

  4. Patched files are named *.patched.deb. Note that opencl-1.2-intel-devel-android- does not need to be patched, so no patched file is created.