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Chess tools library

This Haskell library provides some useful data structures for working with chess games. It provides the framework onto which can be added things like a storage and analysis user interface, or a chess playing engine.

There are routines for setting up a position and rapidly generating all legal moves in that position. This list can be used by other code to provide choices to a user, or in some kind of search for the best move to play.

The core code is deliberately generic in order to make it applicable to more than just western-style chess. The same data structures should be useful for Shogi (Japanese chess) and Xiangqi (Chinese chess), as well as other variants.

Current status

It's currently very early days for this project. Basic board structures are in place, but not a lot more. Developer (API) documentation exists, but descriptive user-focused documentation will be written once things have been fleshed out a little more.

The TODO.otl file should give curious people a rough idea of where things are heading.

This section will be updated as more features are implemented.