Simple topic trees (hierarchies) for Django.
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Acacia — Simple Topic Trees For Django

Acacia is a small Django application that provides hierarchical topic naming. Other applications can use the topic trees to categorise and retrieve objects using human-readable names.

Full documentation is available in the docs/ directory of the source. It is marked up using the Sphinx documentation system — restructured text plus some extras for inter-file connections. Running make html in the docs directory is the simplest way to create the HTML version.


This code should run on Python 2.4 or later and Django 1.2 [*] or later.

The underlying tree implementation is provided by django-mptt. Any project using django-acacia, also needs to include django-mptt.

[*]To check: is there a strict 1.2 requirement, or does it also work with Django 1.1?


Acacia can be tested with the standard Django testing framework. That is, any run of test (or test) in a project that has Acacia installed will execute the tests.

In addition, to make testing in isolation easier, the testing/ script is provided. This removes the need to install Acacia into a fake Django project merely to run the tests during development work. Execute the script from anywhere and it will run through all of Acacia’s unittests in isolation.