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Remembering to write down some more edge cases.

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A brief, but hopefully current, list of the features I want to add or fix.
+Use-cases still to cover
+These items might not be problems yet. Need to check they're possible and fill in support.
+- non-ASCII tags and sorting order. We're obviously going to fail a strict
+ version of the Turkish test, but the main pieces should Just Work. I want to
+ remember to verify that.
+- merging nodes is going to need a way to trigger "old URL storage" for HTTP
+ redirects. (Maybe) not by default, but certainly as an option. Will be an
+ issue on my blog, for example.
- The bulk delete action in Django 1.1 should also delete children of any node
selected for delete (and include them in the confirmation list before doing
@@ -38,3 +51,4 @@ Features
- Add a and possibly other build scripts that the Kool Kids use these

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