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Updated TODO list in light of recent progress.

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malcolmt committed Jul 4, 2010
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@@ -3,52 +3,44 @@ A brief, but hopefully current, list of the features I want to add or fix.
Use-cases still to cover
-These items might not be problems yet. Need to check they're possible and fill in support.
+These items might not be problems yet. Need to check they're possible and fill
+in support.
- non-ASCII tags and sorting order. We're obviously going to fail a strict
version of the Turkish test, but the main pieces should Just Work. I want to
remember to verify that.
-- The bulk delete action in Django 1.1 should also delete children of any node
- selected for delete (and include them in the confirmation list before doing
- so).
- In normal code, we have to handle the case of attempting to create and save a
node that already exists.
-- When moving nodes, both in code and in the admin, need to handle merging
- trees. For example, if the tree looks like this:
- software/languages/python
- software/languages/python/debugging
- software/python/
- software/python/debugging
- software/python/design-patterns
- and we move software/python to underneath software/languages, the new nodes
- that have names similar to existing nodes should merge and the new tree
- should look like:
- software/languages/python/
- software/languages/python/debugging
- software/languages/python/design-patterns
- The tricky part here is that this means some pk values will change, so
- references to those objects have to be updated.
- Think about any API requirements for supporting multiple databases (since I
have a few methods that create objects).
- Javascript tree widget for editing
- - YUI-based
- - dynamic loading of data for really large sets.
+ - YUI-based
+ - dynamic loading of data for really large sets.
- Add a and possibly other build scripts that the Kool Kids use these
- Main documentation updates (update to match current use of mptt from
+- Use a less fugly documentation theme (requires spinx >= 0.6).
+ - maybe haiku or scrolls.
+- Multiple things need to be done in the tree view (on the changei-list page).
+ Not quite sure how to shoe-horn all these together yet:
+ - Expand a node (on-demand loading)
+ - Add a new root node
+ - Add a new child node (add new root and then move? Seems okay except
+ in mobile side)
+ - Edit details of node (going to the edit page for a particular node)
+ - Move node or entire subtree (drag-and-drop, hopefully. But how does
+ it work with really large trees?)
+ - Mobile device UX

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