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Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. Carl Meyer

    Fixed #15552 -- LOGIN_URL and LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL can take URLpattern …

    carljm authored
    Thanks UloPe and Eric Florenzano for the patch, and Malcolm Tredinnick for
  2. Tim Graham
  3. Tim Graham
  4. James Bennett

    Fix typo: Non -> None

    ubernostrum authored
  5. James Bennett

    Untabify multi-db docs.

    ubernostrum authored
  6. James Bennett

    Ticket 18657: Fix inconsistent DB names in router example.

    ubernostrum authored
    This rewrites the entire example to use the same DB names throughout,
    and also is hopefully a bit more sensibly described. Additionally, the
    missing import of the random module for choosing a read slave is
    included in the example now.
  7. Tim Graham
  8. Tim Graham
  9. Tim Graham
  10. Tim Graham

    Merge pull request #359 from nmartini/ticket_18832

    timgraham authored
    Fixed #18832 - Updated ModelForm example fields to match note below
  11. Tim Graham
  12. Michal Petrucha
  13. Nick Martini
  14. Aymeric Augustin

    Updated docs for dates generic views.

    aaugustin authored
    Fixes #18245. Refs #3542.
  15. Preston Holmes Julien Phalip

    Fixed #18054 -- Deprecated contrib.markup. Thanks to simukis for the …

    ptone authored jphalip committed
    …initial patch.
  16. Tim Graham

    Fixed #17156 -- Added documentation examples for exists()

    timgraham authored
    Thanks mrmagooey for the draft patch.
  17. Aymeric Augustin
  18. Tim Graham

    Fixed #18365 - Added a reminder of the context processor required for…

    timgraham authored
    … the set_language view.
    Thanks Nick Martini for the patch.
  19. Tim Graham

    Merge pull request #354 from shabda/ticket_18928

    timgraham authored
    Fixed #18928 - Tightened language in docs/README
  20. Tim Graham

    Fixed #15566 - Documented that update() doesn't honor DateField.auto_now

    timgraham authored
    Thanks Shabda Raaj for the draft patch.
  21. Shabda Raaj
  22. Justin Bronn
Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. Aymeric Augustin

    Clarified the messages documentation.

    aaugustin authored
    * Stated upfront that the messages framework is enabled by default.
    * Explained why FallbackStorage, despites its unattractive name, is the
      default and likely the most efficient message storage class.
    Thanks Jeremy Dunck for the review.
    Closes #17026 (again).
  2. Tim Graham
  3. Small reorganisation of initial parts of URL documentation.

    Trying to move most of the introductory example stuff up to the top and
    pushing the reference bits further down.
  4. Tim Graham

    Merge pull request #351 from 1ntrud3r/patch-1

    timgraham authored
    Remove unused imports in tutorial 4. refs #18915
  5. Tim Graham

    Merge pull request #341 from nmartini/master

    timgraham authored
    Updated text in tutorial 3 regarding removing unused import; refs #18915
  6. Aymeric Augustin

    Fixed typo from 7435cc0.

    aaugustin authored
    Thanks kmike.
  7. Aymeric Augustin

    Updated install docs to reflect Python 3 status.

    aaugustin authored
    Closes #17452.
  8. Enrico Ehrhardt

    remove unused import in tutorial 4 addition to #18915 (closed)

    eehrhardt authored
    After submitting ticket #18915, I noticed 2 additional occurrences of the issue.
  9. Document ``six.assertRaisesRegex``.

    Alex Gaynor authored
  10. James Bennett

    Merge pull request #331 from davidfischer/master

    ubernostrum authored
    Ticket #17324 - Improve security docs with better CSRF explanation
  11. James Bennett

    Merge pull request #333 from brad/ticket_18917

    ubernostrum authored
    clarify clean_<field> docs, ticket #18917
  12. Fixed #17888 -- no longer silence exceptions inside of check_test. Th…

    Alex Gaynor authored
    …anks to brutasse for the patch.
  13. Justin Bronn
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