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@@ -49,14 +49,15 @@ image for this presentation.
The main graphic was done using the Gimp_, following tutorials at `The
Cartographer's Guild`_ website. I have spent hours playing with their
-map-making tutorials and trying out different things.
+map-making tutorials and trying out different things. The `World Building`_ subreddit is also worth regularly dipping into for inspiration and critiques.
The shapefiles describing the island boundaries and paths and points of
interest were creating in QGis_, a professional level tool that is highly accessible to amateurs and with a very supportive online community of tutorials and tips.
.. _Gimp: http://
.. _The Cartographer's Guild:
.. _QGis:
+.. _World Building:
Setting up
BIN slides/pycon-ph-2012.odp
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BIN slides/pycon-ph-2012.pdf
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