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+The three participants in The Three Blind Mice team for Django Dash 2010 were
+Matthew Stevens
+Ying Stevens
+Malcolm Tredinnick
105 README.rst
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+Introduction and Basic Usage
+Minerva is a foreign language vocabulary drill program. Primarily designed for
+English speakers learning Asian languages. The initial implementation includes
+Simplified Chinese and Japanese vocabulary, although none of the code is
+specific to those two choices.
+It was written as part of the `2010 Django Dash`_.
+Users can either be registered or anonymous. Registered users can have their
+progress tracked over multiple sessions. Participating as an anonymous user and
+then registering results in progress for that session being retained as well.
+The learning method is simple repetition. You are shown either an Engish
+meaning or a foreign word and then a choice of options in the other language.
+Select the correct option to match the word(s) in the question. New characters
+are introduced in the normal flow of questions, so you might see a character
+you don't know what it means yet. Pay attention to the correct answer and it
+will be familiar the next time it comes around.
+.. note:: Question selection
+ The question selection algorithm is very rudimentary in this initial
+ version. It's an are of almost limitless possibilities and the system
+ design allows for experimentation there. Right now, words are graded by
+ difficulty and easier words are presented first.
+.. _2010 Django Dash:
+Minerva is a couple of small Django applications with only a small number of
+external pre-requisites. The simplest way to get up and running quickly is
+using our script to create a virtualenv_ environment. Assuming you already have
+virtualenv and pip_ installed, run the ```` shell script in the
+``scripts/`` directory, passing it the location of the virtual environment::
+ scripts/ ~/little_web_app_that_could
+Then link in the current source code and activate the virtualenv::
+ cd ~/little_web_app_that_could
+ ln -s <remember_me location> remember_me
+ . bin/activate
+The default setup uses a local SQLite database and all the data for Chinese and
+Japanese training is included. However, you need to create the initial database
+and populate the data. Continuing on from the above::
+ cd remember_me
+ python syncdb
+ # (Answer questions as prompted...)
+ python migrate
+ # (Wait a couple of minutes...)
+ python runserver
+ # (Visit http://localhost:8000/...)
+ # (Have a rewarding beverage of choice)
+.. _virtualenv:
+.. _pip:
+Manual setup
+For those wanting to know what's going on in the setup phase, the requirements
+for this set of apps are
+* Django 1.2.1
+* django-south
+* django-debug-toolbar
+* BeautifulSoup (if recreating the Japanese vocab data)
+If you already have those installed, there's nothing else that needs to be done.
+Obviously for something initially developed with about 20 hours of work spread
+over a couple of days, there are a lot of possibilities that we haven't had
+time to implement. These are noted here for our own future development efforts
+and in case people are interested.
+It should be relatively straightforward to hook up with something like
+django-socialregistration to allow signing up via Facebook or Twitter or
+external registration system of choice. Not sure that socialregistration is
+necessarily the right choice here, but it's the type of thing we can use.
Question selection algorithm
Things to consider
- a new user with no state, what questions are provided to him/her
- - a user with no current session, whould their progress be based on their progress record or current session
+ - a user with no current session, would their progress be based on their progress record or current session
Information required
- flag a word as being studied in the current session
@@ -27,3 +129,4 @@ New word selection
To Consider
- retire old state

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