Advanced horizontal scrolling ticker for iOS
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DMScrollingTicker is an advanced horizontal scroll ticker class made in Objective-C for iOS. It doesn't use standard NSTimer to perform animations but instead Quartz Layers / CoreGraphics. It allows to load any set of UIView subclasses and add to the scrolling queue with a simple call.

Daniele Margutti,

DMScrollingTicker Example Project

How to get started

You can pick between two modes:

  • standard mode: you will pass your list of UIViews and begin animation (all views will be adjusted and loaded at startup time)
  • lazy mode: you will pass only UIView's CGSizes array and a datasource blocks handler and DMScrollingView will load each view only when needed (and remove them when not used). It may be useful when you have lots of ticker elements (here called subviews) and you pay attention to the memory usage

It's compatible with iOS 4.x+ or later (it uses blocks).

Change log

May 31, 2012

  • First version


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